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a reflection and a time for change

Maker to Main Market opened its doors on February 21, 2020, just 3 weeks prior to the statewide shutdown. A lot has happened in 3 years we have tackled countless, unimaginable challenges. No one could have predicted a global pandemic, but we worked diligently to navigate all the unpredictable things the pandemic brought to this small business. The massive turn of events forced us to postpone our ribbon cutting and grand opening, forced us roll with a less-than-perfect online ordering platform, and as weekly changes in state mandates were thrown our way, forced us to adapt quickly to survive. Despite hurdles, adapting and often reinventing, Maker to Main embraced every challenge and we persevered.


We are so proud that Maker to Main became a safe space for so many industry friends, farmers, makers, and guests during those first traumatic days; they’ve became the backbone of our market, and we are so grateful.  But I’d be lying if I said our gratitude begins there. Many of you also supported our roots as the Lettuce Be Local food hub and have stuck through our many transformations. That realization is very humbling and offers so many reasons to celebrate. 11 years ago, this tiny little business began as a grassroots idea to bring local food to the masses, yet there have been many profound lessons for our little market over the past 3 years. 


3 years ago, when Maker to Main opened its doors, it was with a dream of helping local farmers bring nutritious, local food to our community. The initial plan was to be a part of a vibrant downtown area set for development as the city looked to revitalize Main Street. But the reality is, the pandemic affected that too. Recently, someone I greatly admire mentioned they were struck by the vast number of vacant buildings they saw while walking a few blocks to my store. I explained that yes, some were vacated recently, but many are empty due to postponed or abandoned projects. The pandemic also brought a largely remote workforce, keeping Main Street from being a bustling and business-essential foot-traffic area. Add in confusing parking, much of which is metered, and you have an environment that greatly impedes a business’ ability to thrive. All while that same business is left waiting for complimenting commerce to take shape.  


I’m a sucker for Worcester and I believe in the vibrancy of our city. I was born here and have been attached to this city my whole life. 11 years ago, I saw the need to create Lettuce Be Local food hub and make a difference. It is now time for me to do the same with Maker to Main.  It has been my honor that you have chosen to frequent our market on Main Street and make us your small grocery store of choice. Running our brick and mortar has been challenging for sure, but all of us at Maker to Main are so happy to have had this opportunity to educate you on our mission and include you in our family.  We plan to continue to build and to reinvent ourselves but unfortunately, it will not be on Main Street. Our final day at 328 Main will be March 25th.


We get it, change is hard. But we’ve learned and listened to your suggestions and your requests these past few years, and they have played a large role in our future vision. Many of your suggestions were simply not possible at the time, due in part to our small space and other limitations of the building itself. Now is our time to take your suggestions, mix in a few surprises of our own and reaffirm our commitment to you by opening a NEW space in the Canal District. We’ve been quietly working on a Harding Street location as the more robust grocery store many of you have been asking for. Complete with a full-service deli counter for meats, cheeses, and sandwiches, grab and go prepared foods, expanded food selections and of course, parking! Yes, lots of parking, right at our doorstep!


Even though we will be leaving Main Street, this is a very exciting time for Maker to Main. We ask that you be patient, as all good things take time. We are elated at the prospect of opening in a busy area of Worcester, but this relocation requires an entirely new buildout and financing. We hope to finally have that ribbon cutting we missed 3 years ago and see all of you again at our new location.

Until then, stop in to see us on Main Street. It would be wonderful to personally thank you for being such a huge part of my small business. 


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